Doula - Grace Collins.

doula - grace collins

supporting women and their families
in the Reading area

Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Grace Collins, I am a birth and postnatal doula living in Reading, Berkshire. For work, I cover most of Berkshire, South Oxfordshire, and within an hour’s commute from Reading. 

I truly believe that birth can be can be a beautiful and empowering experience if a mama is given the support she needs, feeling safe and unobserved, and the right conditions, and this is where a doula comes in. A doula is that person who offers specific birth related support and works with you, your family and the medical team looking after you, to ensure that you and your baby get the most out of your birth. A doula will make sure that when the time comes, that you are surrounded by what brings you comfort and helps you relax in order for birth to progress smoothly.

To mummy

Every woman will remember her births and how she was made to feel at the time. As your doula, I will support you so that you feel empowered and heard/listened to during your birth. I will therefore strive to be there for you so that you feel supported and encouraged during birth and in the early postnatal period, whether you have opted for a homebirth, a hospital birth or an elective caesarean. I will stay with you in labour from the time you want me to until you and baby are settled and baby is happily feeding.

We may meet two or three times before the birth. Together we will talk through birth preferences, any worries that may be lurking in the background, and perhaps work on preparing a birth plan. My aim is always be to support mamas to feel informed, empowered and dignified in their birth experiences. I will be on call for you from two weeks before the estimated due date until the baby is born. Please get in touch if you would like more details on birth and postnatal packages.

what does a doula do?

Having extra support during birth can make a huge difference to how you feel afterwards and how you welcome you baby into this world. A doula knows birth inside out and is that experienced person who offers the additional emotional and practical support to mothers or the parents before, during and after the birth. A doula understands how birth unfolds and enables you, to get the most out of your birth experience. The support that a doula offers is not just for your, the mother, but for the whole family. Most importantly, a doula holds and protects your birth space in order to allow your body to birth your baby.

postnatal doula

A postnatal doula works flexible hours to suit your family, offering practical and emotional support to you, as new parents, in your home following birth. A postnatal doula may help with light household duties (laundry, cooking, general tidy-up), looking after siblings while mummy focuses on newborn or look after the baby while mummy has a rest. Most postnatal doulas offer support with breastfeeding, and guide you towards professional breastfeeding support if the need arises.
I honour Doula UK gift vouchers, which may go towards gifts for blessing ceremonies for expectant mothers or for postnatal support