Doula - Grace Collins.

shared care

Together with a doula colleague, we offer shared care which means that our clients benefits from the support and experiences of two doulas at the birth. We could both be present at the birth, or one of us come in at the start and should the birth go on for longer than 20 hours, the other doula takes over. The advantage is that both doulas know the birthing couple and have both participated in all the antenatal support for the family. Please call or email if you would like more information on shared care.

antenatal visits

Antenatal visits will be tailored to your needs. We will spend time talking about your beliefs regarding labour and birth and discuss any previous births, any concerns that you may have and birth choices. We will go over the physiology of birth and how your environment and hormones affect labour and information on pain relief during labour. We also make sure to talk about birth related issues that come up for you.

postnatal visits

Whether the postnatal support your choose is part of a package or stand-alone, you may choose what the sessions entail. You may wish to discuss your birth, go through your hospital notes or just take advantage of having an extra pair of hands around such as:

I am also able to offer information on caring for your newborn baby and breastfeeding.

If you feel that you would benefit from my services but would struggle to pay my fees, please go ahead and contact me regardless. I am willing to negotiate payment plans or reduced fees for anyone in financial need. You may also wish to look into Doula UK’s Access fund which will allow you to hire a doula at no cost to yourself. For Doula UK Access Fund please check Doula UK website: